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Dover Burial Park

5651 N. Wooster Ave. Ext, N.W., Dover, OH 44622

Dover Burial Park, which saw its first interments in 1930, is more park than cemetery. The carefully maintained grounds reflect its daily upkeep by a full-time staff of six caring people. Ample acreage (125 acres, 30-40 developed), along with a well-funded endowment ensures that Dover Burial Park will meet the needs of area families for the next several hundred years. Private family mausoleums are frequently seen, as is the new (1996) “Garden of Peace” public mausoleum which offers 192 crypts as well as 96 cremation niches. Flowers, careful landscaping and hundreds of award-winning mature trees create a restful, peaceful environment.

Spaces throughout Dover Burial Park, including the Garden of Peace Mausoleum, are available. For more information please contact Cemetery Superintendent Scott Harmon at (330) 343-0011.

Visitors are encouraged to walk the beautiful grounds sunup to sunset. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM-4:00 PM.

Fourth Street Cemetery

301 E. 4th Street, Dover, OH 44622

Fourth Street Cemetery was set aside as a burial site for some of Dover’s earliest residents around 1810. At the time, most families interred their relatives in a family cemetery located on their farm. As Dover grew, it became necessary to allocate a designated space for such a purpose. Fourth Street is the final resting place for the founding families of our town. Here you will find markers bearing the names Deis, Slingluff, Deardorf and many others. The last burial at Fourth Street Cemetery was in 1976.

Visitors are encouraged to walk the grounds sunup to sunset. Offices are located at Dover Burial Park.

Maple Grove Cemetery

1000 N. Walnut Street, Dover, OH 44622

Maple Grove Cemetery is a 40 acre site laid out by our Victorian ancestors in 1886. Maple Grove invites a stroll through late 19th century and early 20th century tastes and fashions. Towering monuments, ornate private mausoleums and dedicated military memorials invite a winding afternoon stroll. A little knowledge of history will demonstrate that Dover, though a “sleepy town,” was very much a part of world events. For example, many graves at Maple Grove date to the 1918 flu epidemic which swept the globe at the time of World War One.

Also interred at Maple Grove Cemetery are numerous children who sadly passed away while residents of the old orphans home on Tuscarawas Avenue. When the orphanage was demolished, bodies of children interred on the grounds were moved to Maple Grove, where today a simple, poignant stone marks their resting place.

Though interments are still conducted at Maple Grove, no plots are available for purchase. Visitors are encouraged to walk the grounds sunup to sunset. Offices are located at Dover Burial Park.