Types of Interments

City of Dover Cemeteries offer a wide selection of interment options. Families can choose from the standard in-ground burial, which can be memorialized with an upright monument or flat grass marker. Cremated remains can also be interred in the same areas as full burials. If you have concerns with being interred below the ground, the Dover Burial Park has above ground interment options. Families can purchase mausoleum crypts that are located in the beautiful Garden of Peace Mausoleum. The Garden of Peace Mausoleum has 192 single depth crypts. The crypts are memorialized with bronze name and date plaques. Located on the back walls of the Garden of Peace Mausoleum are 96 cremation niches. The niches are also marked with bronze name and date plaques. With cremation trends continuing to rise, the Dover Burial Park now has a 48 Niche Columbarium to accommodate above ground interments for cremated remains. If your wish is to have a more personalized interment option, the Dover Burial Park offers several private estates for your final resting place. Private estates are family owned, above ground mausoleums. Private estates can handle an individual’s needs or the entire family.

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